The accountants have worked for long using manual accounting methods, calculators and also with the Microsoft Excel to maintain the books and accounts. Blessings came in the form of Xero Accounting system that is cloud-based and designed for the auditing benefits of small to medium scale businesses. With the advent of Xero Accounting Sydney, the entrepreneurs, business partners, staffs and accountants have the opportunity to work closely in their real time. Managing finances with higher efficiency have been enabled by this accounting software, thereby easing out the functionalities of complex bookkeeping. Hence, the accountants and bookkeepers of Accounts Automated in Sydney are dedicated to using this cloud based accounting software with which they can use and get along with their tasks.

Why is Xero a preferred software platform to the Accounts Automated Accountants?

No doubt that Xero has simplified the complex functionalities related to accounting, but a specific reason has raised its standard. Despite being a responsive computer programme, the device would not lose a part of its space as the software does not need to be installed. So setting it up is much easier and even it consumes less time to set up an account. Coming as an honor to the accountants and bookkeepers of Accounts Automated, its simplified user interface has live feeds from various back accounts types fixed directly into the computer program.

Efficiency Proof of Xero – A stepping stone to take lead in accounts:

Converting the manual accounting functions to Xero discloses a series of conveniences which in turn helps the accountants to have peace of mind because of this time saving method.

  • Using this cloud based software fetches the accountancy firm with a crucial competitive advantage since it facilitates its users to gain real-time access to the present financial status.
  •  Simplifying and automating the small business accounts management, the software facilitates with a way forward in digital collaboration with the team of advisors and related staffs.
  • An authorized or assigned user can use the cloud based accounting software with utmost flexibility from any device system, like Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.
  • Functioning digitally with the help of internet or Wi-Fi; neither the software needs to be installed nor backups have to be stored. These tasks are automatically done.
  • Releasing its innovative and upgraded features as well as enhancements at every three to six weeks, the works are done on the basis of ideas given by the users. Our accountants have long years of experience to provide with the development features on the basis of pace and quality.

Deciding to convert to the cloud based auditing software, our accountants have converted their accounting tasks to this platform from the existing functional base. It has been possible owing to its trait. The accountants could easily get converted to the computer aided design from MYOB for Windows, Mac, and Essentials, and from legacy systems like Cashflow Manager, MS Excel, and QuickBooks.

Conversion to Xero has brought forth a number of benefits:

  1. Enhancing corrective works
  2. Analyzing the present accounting system
  3. Setting up the PayPal account and payment services
  4. Setting up and importing the live bank feeds
  5. Migrating data from other legal systems to the cloud accounting system
  6. Customizing reports and invoice brandings
  7. Assisting in designing the new type of workflows
  8. Catching up the cash coding
  9. Integrating  Xero add–ons
  10. Checking, verifying and correcting data