What software do we love to use?

The Best Online Software For Every Small Business​

Operating an accounting practice entirely online and with clients and staff in different cities across the Australia can be challenging. Luckily, we have a ton of programs that we use that make our work so much more manageable! We’re going to LOVE on all the software we use every day- hopefully you will get to know a software that will soon become your favorite.


We couldn’t talk about software near and dear to our hearts without talking about Xero. Xero has been at the forefront of change in the accounting industry, continually innovating and introducing features that make our hearts sing. Our team of number crunchers rely on Xero every day- after all, it is the backbone of our practice! Our clients are overjoyed with their experience as well, often telling us that after struggling with other software over the years, they are finally excited about the numbers. Wow! That is the ultimate endorsement!


Having a remote team and clients all over the country makes it pretty much impossible to hold face-to-face meetings. Even though we are miles apart, Zoom makes us feel like we are in the same room. We use Zoom for weekly team meetings, sales calls, and to work with our clients. We love its reliability most of all! Sometimes a phone call just isn’t enough, and luckily, we have Zoom to keep us connected!


Slack is there for us when we need to communicate simple things, ask a question, or just take a small break from number crunching. Slack is an instant messaging platform which allows you to set up multiple “channels” or topics to organize your team’s conversations. With Slack we can all talk within the channels, or send direct messages to each other. As a bonus, we love being able to share silly gifs for any situation

These are just a few of the many programs that help us love what we do every day. Building a cloud accounting practice from the ground up opens us up to challenges in staying connected with our team, our clients, and our work. Thankfully we can rely on these different programs and apps and make sure they all worked well for us and worked well together.

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