Why do people think accountants are boring? There is no greater joy than a perfectly reconciling balance sheet.

Accounting is so much fun that you could almost call it boring. Or maybe accounting is just too much serious fun. There in lies the irony, serious …. fun. Accounting is all encompassing and aims to clear ambiguity and frankly speaking, what else is left when all ambiguity has been carefully/properly analysed.

Accounting is more than debits and credits. However once you get your debits and credits right, you become accounting royalty.

On a serious note, even though this sounds like a fun fact, debits and credits in your P and L (income statement)….. debits = expenses and credits = income or revenue. So in your P and L , debits reduce, Credits increase. However in your balance sheet, assets are debited, while liabilities are credited. It takes a little getting used to, but once you get used to these principles (the working of debits and credits), voila!!! You become accounting royalty.

Of course, Accounting is fun if it is your cup of tea. Isn’t helping people grow their business fun? Yes, it is. That is what accountants do. Being a part of a company as an accountant means being important for a company is fun. Accounting includes various challenges, and facing them is fun also challenging your mind is fun.

The joy of accounting comes from advising people and improving their lives financially.

Some Interesting facts about Accounting:

  • Bubblegum was invented by an accountant, Walter Diemar in 1928. It was bright pink in colour because that was the only dye he had to hand at the time.
  • It was accountants who brought down Chicago crime boss Al Capone. Although believed to be guilty of everything from bootlegging to murder, he was ultimately arrested and convicted of tax evasion.
  • Bookkeeper and the words derived from it (bookkeeping etc.) are the only words in the English language with 3 consecutive sets of double letters.
  • Accounting has been around for millennia. Tokens dating back 7000 years were discovered in ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq, Turkey and Syria). These are thought to be the earliest documented records of goods received and traded.
  • Accountants play an important role in the Oscars. Every year since 1935 a team of accountants has spent an average of 1700 hours prior to Oscar night counting the Academy Award ballots by hand.
  • Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli is regarded as the father of accounting. He published the first book on double entry accounting in 1494. Leonardo da Vinci was one of his students.
  • The word “accounting” comes from the french “compter” meaning to count or score. Other accounting terms are derived from Latin, such as “debit” – “he owes” and “credit” – “he trusts”.

The reason why a lot of people see bookkeeping and accounting as something boring or arduous is due to the fact that they think of it in its traditional form. We’re talking about the pen, paper and calculator method. Nowadays, you can find a software that automates this process, makes it more graphic and, therefore, adds another layer of fun to it. This also helps remind or notify you if something doesn’t add up, meaning that you can rest at ease, instead of being too obsessed about missing something or making a non-existent mistake. By worrying less, you’ll already be on the right path towards having more fun doing accounting for your small business.

There are  few of many things we have implemented within Accounts Automated to make it more fun place to work.  We try to have different people lead activities to give them opportunities they may not otherwise have to be creative, interact with their peers and have fun.  Most of the “events” cost very little but, we hope, add up and produce big results.  They boost morale by getting us out of our offices, give us a chance to get to know each other and make the office a more welcoming environment.  As accountants say, “every penny counts”.  In this case, every effort counts and all of these little efforts add up to a not-so-boring, tight-knit, highly-functioning accounting team.

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